Emulsifier-Free Improvers

Extensive effort has been put into finding technically convincing alternatives for the use of common emulsifiers such as DATEM, CSL/SSL and GMS. This is now possible with the help of baking enzymes such as transglutaminase or very specific lipases. AB Enzymes has filed a patent for the use of transglutaminase in baking applications. This enzyme cross-links the gluten proteins and improves the consistency and stability of the dough.

The best enzyme for the best purpose

Although the timing and action mode of enzymes is very different from emulsifiers in many cases, enzymes can be a good alternative for emulsifiers. Enzymes will frequently result in cost savings and other associated benefits. These types of enzymes are of utmost importance during the mixing and handling, as well as the fermentation stages of the dough. The enzymes are therefore used as processing aids in the initial steps of the baking process and are deactivated by the oven’s heat during baking.

Related products

VERON® Hyperbake-T Our powerful dough-strengthening lipase preparation is used to produce a dough-stabilizing and improvement effect in bread improvers, and allows for “enzyme only” formulations. VERON® Hyperbake-T allows the creation of more cost-effective and competitive bread improver formulations. VERON® Hyperbake-T ensures dry and fluffy doughs with excellent machinability, improved dough and fermentation stability. The baking volume also significantly increases and the crumb shows an attractive regular pore structure and brighter color. The baked goods have a pleasant shape and appearance.

VERON® GMS+ achieves the same properties (softness, resiliency and texture) as monoglycerides, but with a different mode of action on the dough components prior to baking rather than in the final bread. Use of this enzyme is much more cost-effective and allows the formulation of “enzyme only” solutions. VERON® GMS is a new development for use in yeast-raised baked goods, using a patent-pending amylolytic enzyme acting synergistically in combination with a lipolytic enzyme.

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