Plant-based Dairy Alternatives

AB Enzymes' offers several enzyme solutions for plant-based dairy alternatives like oat drinks. 

Strengthen your plant-based products in a growing market

Plant-based milk alternatives are the biggest category in the plant-based dairy market by far. Growth is expected to come from new formulations – such as oat milk – and innovative products like plant-based cheese or ice-cream. In terms of ingredients, oats are on the rise in the sector of plant-based drinks due to their natural flavour, good reputation and their content of fibres. Additionally, oat is seen to be more sustainable than other alternatives, which makes it a great growth opportunity for producers.

Create appealing diary alternatives with excellent mouthfeel and taste

Depending on the type of raw material, viscosity and content of fibres in the suspension, mouthfeel and sweetness can differ between plant-based drinks. Fibres, also called non-starch-polysaccharides (NSPs), can be soluble or insoluble and depending on the composition they can have a substantial water binding capacity and therefore increase the viscosity in the drinks. In general, plant proteins show poor solubility which leads to separation during the process. To achieve a high protein content in the final drink enzymes are the right tools to increase protein solubility

Throughout the production process, properties of plant-based drinks can be adjusted and improved by using enzymes. With regards to the raw material, production process and desired outcome, AB Enzymes' product portfolio for plant-based drinks offers different types of enzymes that can help to produce delicious plant-based dairy alternatives consumers will like:


for fibre hydrolysis


for protein modification and functionalisation


for starch degradation


for sweetness

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ROHALASE® Barley L for plant drinks

ROHALASE® Barley L 是一种液体配方的真菌β-葡聚糖酶,用于水解非淀粉多糖。它包括β-葡聚糖酶活性和其它多种可作用于纤维素和木聚糖的酶活性。我们推荐ROHALASE® Barley L用于降低酿造过程中啤酒的粘度,提高啤酒酿造效率。


COROLASE® 7089 是一种液体配方细菌来源内切肽酶制剂,含有金属蛋白酶和丝氨酸蛋白酶活性,它可将大分子的蛋白质水解成小分子的多肽。该产品的特点是能够水解多种底物,在中性pH条件下作用效果非常理想。典型的蛋白质底物包括酪蛋白、乳清蛋白、各种肉类蛋白、鱼类蛋白、大豆蛋白、明胶蛋白和一些谷物蛋白。


COROLASE® 2TS 是一款液体配方、细菌型的内切肽酶制剂,含金属蛋白酶活性,可以将高分子量的蛋白质水解成低分子量的多肽。该产品的特点是能够水解多种底物,在中性pH条件下作用效果非常理想。


COROLASE® 7089 是一种液体配方细菌来源内切肽酶制剂,含有金属蛋白酶和丝氨酸蛋白酶活性,它可将大分子的蛋白质水解成小分子的多肽。该产品的特点是能够水解多种底物,在中性pH条件下作用效果非常理想。典型的蛋白质底物包括酪蛋白、乳清蛋白、各种肉类蛋白、鱼类蛋白、大豆蛋白、明胶蛋白和一些谷物蛋白。

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